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CO., LTD. ("Sanko") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in the context of a society of advanced data communications, and we rate the protection of personal information provided to us as a social responsibility of the Company. Our privacy policy is as stated below, and we work to familiarize our officers and employees with this policy thoroughly and to protect personal rights and interests.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information
Sanko acquires personal information by means that are both lawful and upright. Excepting as required by law, Sanko specifies beforehand how personal information is to be used when acquiring such personal information.

2. Utilization of Personal Information
Excepting as required by law, Sanko utilizes personal information only for such purpose as stated at the time of its acquisition. Personal information may be used for such purpose throughout the Sanko Group.

3. Supervision and Oversight of Subcontractors
When providing personal information to subcontractors in order to achieve the purpose of its utilization, Sanko performs a strict investigation of the subcontractor and appropriate supervision and oversight of the subcontractor.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
Excepting as required by law, Sanko does not provide personal information to third parties without the prior agreement of the individual concerned.

5. Management of Personal Information
Sanko works to maintain the accuracy of personal information acquired and to device and implement appropriate and reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access and personal information loss, destruction, tampering or disclosure. Excepting as stipulated beforehand by law or regulation, Sanko does not permit disclosure of personal information by means of its removal from company premises or by its transmission outside the company.

6. Requests for Disclosure, Correction and Other Action on Personal Information
Sanko recognizes that individuals have the right to demand the disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use and deletion of their own personal information and acts promptly and in accordance with law on requests for the disclosure, correction and other action on personal information.

7. Structure and Organization

Sanko appoints personnel responsible for the protection of personal information and performs appropriate management of personal information. Sanko trains company officers and employees in the protection and appropriate management of personal information and ensures the appropriate handling of personal information in routine operations.

8. Log and Cookie Files


collects such information as on access made to the Sanko website by individuals. This information includes the name of the file accessed, the remote IP address, the time of access, the Internet browser used and the computer operating system used. This information is later analyzed internally and used for such purposes as website management, but is not provided to any third party. Nor does this information specify the individual accessing the website.

9. Compliance with and Revision of Laws and Standards

Sanko complies with the applicable laws and regulations concerning personal information and also reviews and improves, as required, the measures specified above in order to achieve more thorough protection of personal information.

10. Law and Jurisdiction
This website is configured and operated in accordance with the laws of Japan. The laws of Japan shall apply to any litigation, dispute and legal issue concerning this website, and the courts of Japan shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect thereto.

12. Exemption of Liability
Copyright and all other rights pertaining to this website belong to Sanko.

11. Copyright
Sanko bears no responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage from information placed on this website or from the use of this website. Sanko may revise the content herein upon the amendment of laws or as otherwise necessary.
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