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1. Proscriptions
Conduct infringing the property or privacy of Sanko or of a third party, conduct detrimental or damaging to Sanko or to a third party, conduct harming the credit or good name of Sanko or of a third party, and other conduct in violation of laws and regulations, including conduct that could entail such outcomes, is prohibited. Sanko reserves the right to prohibit likewise conduct deemed by Sanko to be inappropriate.

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Websites not in violation of laws or regulations, websites not antisocial in nature, websites not representing nonstandard amusements, websites not containing content contrary to public morals and websites not deemed by Sanko possibly to meet such description may link to the Sanko website without prior approval. These terms are offered for the convenience of website operators, who shall employ such links at their own responsibility. Sanko offers no guarantee whatsoever with respect to the content of this website, nor does Sanko bear any responsibility whatsoever for it. Links to this website from the website of any third party shall likewise comply with the terms of use of this website. The content of third-party websites is controlled and managed at the responsibility of those third parties, and Sanko shall bear no responsibility for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of any third-party website.

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may add to, modify, delete or otherwise alter the information contained on this website at any time. Sanko may also suspend or discontinue the operation of this website when so deemed necessary by Sanko. Sanko bears no obligation to revise the content of this website in order to maintain the accuracy of information contained on this website at all times.

5. Safeguarding of Personal Information
The protection of personal information with respect to this website are specified in the Privacy Policy contained on this website.

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The use, configuration and operation of this website and the interpretation of the content of this website shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The laws of Japan shall apply to any litigation, dispute and legal issue concerning this website, and the courts of Japan shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect thereto.

7. Exemption of Liability


pays careful attention to the operation and management of this website and to the information it contains. However, the information on this website may contain errors and descriptions that are technically inaccurate, and Sanko offers no guarantee that the information contained in this website is accurate, up to date or reliable, nor does Sanko bear any responsibility in such respect. Sanko bears no responsibility whatsoever for any direct, indirect, consequent or other damage, including loss of profit and loss of data, in connection with use of this website or accessing this website or the documents available through it, regardless of whether this results from contractual behavior, negligence, misfeasance or other cause.

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